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"Colour management is not process control or colour correction, it is predictability."
— taken from the Apple ColorSync Users list.
Printer Profiling   Monitor Calibration and Profiling
Custom printer profiles allow you to print accurate, predictable, and repeatable colour using third party inks and papers, or, if you use your printer manufacturer's inks and papers, to improve your printer's performance over the manufacturer's supplied profiles.   A calibrated and profiled monitor (together with a colour managed application such as Adobe Photoshop) allows you to preview your final image on screen, before committing time and materials to a printing run.
Scanner and Camera Profiling   Workflow Design and Training
Profiling your camera or scanner allows you to start with an accurate representation of the original scene or image, reducing the time normally taken to adjust the colour balance of captured images.   Having ICC profiles for your equipment is one part of managing the colour of your images from start to final output; We can assist you in integrating colour management into your day to day digital imaging workflow.
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